Many claim that actions speak louder than words, but Lemar would disagree. Words are immensely powerful.

Through thoughtful, dynamic oration, he creates informative, engaging, and illuminating presentations. His speaking repertoire includes titles ranging from Overcoming Ageism in the Office to Millennial Motivation. Lemar looks forward to an upcoming tedX talk. 

“Words are Powerful. They are the vehicles through which we assign meaning and they color the world around us.” Lemar Scott

“Lemar’s smile lights up a room just like it does your TV screen. He has a magnetic personality both in person and on screen. He was by far one of the most popular hosts on our network, and when you hire him you will see why.”

Morgan Thompson, Actress and TV Personality

“Lemar is such a pleasure to work with; his positivity, professionalism and amazing energy as a host made the project easy to produce.”

Victoria Rossi, Entertainment Manager, Carnival Cruise Line

“Whether in person or on-air, Lemar engages his audience by exuding warmth, enthusiasm, and a genuine passion for the product he represents. He succeeds in developing loyal and trusting relationships, which ultimately drives sales to peak performance.”

Noelle Sipos, President, Cruise Career Partners, Inc.

“Lemar was phenomenal on stage. His personality and professionalism shined all throughout the night and it was an absolute honor to have him as our host. If you’re looking for a lively host that will make your event stand out amongst your guests, we highly recommend Lemar!”

Ada Rojas, Beauty & Style Influencer