The Engagement Guide

Hi! I’m Lemar, but you’re probably here looking for The Engagement Guide℠.

First of all, congratulations on your decision to pop the big question and thank you for allowing me to play a small part on your journey to “I do!”

The Engagement Guide℠ was born after several personal friends decided to get engaged and realized there was an unofficial fifth “C” to the 4C’s of diamond buying…cluelessness. This page is designed to equip you with all of the information you need to feel confident when shopping for an engagement ring. See the free shopping guide below for some help. I know this is a huge purchase, friend!

But this isn’t just about diamond jewelry; nor is it just about engagements. Any question on any gemstone for any occasion is welcome! This is a no pressure zone and no question is too small.  

After you’re educated, if you decide you want me to shop for or customize a piece of jewelry for you (omg, we’re moving so fast), then I can make that happen too. Just take a look at some of the reviews I’ve amassed from (happily engaged) clients.

Prior to partnering with Lemar Scott, I (like many people) had very little knowledge about diamonds. Considering the large investment that an engagement ring can be, I wanted to have someone in my corner who was going to help me understand what I should be looking for to ensure I was getting the best value possible, and he absolutely did not disappoint! He was spot on with his projections for the timeline for production and continued to follow-up until everything was finalized. Overall, the final product was amazing, and helped make the proposal everything my fiancé and I could have wanted!

Trent M.

I was extremely satisfied with Lemar and my black diamond ring.  Lemar designed the ring exactly as I requested and answered all my questions honestly.  

After I received my ring he also checked in to make sure I was completely satisfied (which I was).  I trust him completely and LOVE my black diamond ring.  

Diane S.

Lemar is incredible to work with! Personally, I had no idea what the process was to buy or create a wedding ring for my fiancé, but he made the entire process so easy. He was so easy to get in contact with and quick to respond to each message. The timeline for the ring being made and when I received it was spot on! If I ever had a question or concern, Lemar made sure that we did what was best no matter what. He is extremely professional and always positive with directions when helping decide what would be best.

After having the pleasure to work with Lemar, I could not have imagined a more perfect and wonderful ring! If you get the opportunity to work with Lemar, you are extremely lucky! Thank you Lemar!

Shelby S.

Lemar helped me to understand diamonds an unquantifiable amount. I had a general idea, but didn’t understand or appreciate the effort it takes to find these precious gems. It was very helpful being guided into a slightly smaller carat weight with better quality.

Lemar was consistently available for questions and I could always rely on a quick and educated answer. His willingness to work with me was priceless and a luxury not many other companies or jewelers can provide.

I loved the outcome and Shelby ABSOLUTELY LOVEDDDD IT AND CHERISHES EVERYTHING IT REPRESENTS. Lemar was 100% honest and trustworthy and I never worried once that I would’ve been on the receiving end of a cheap shot.

Joe B.

Mr. Personality aka Lemar is extremely knowledgeable about gemstones, unusual cuts, quality, and clarity. The ring I purchased is literally one of my favorites. The entire process was quickly expedited and overseen by Lemar to my complete satisfaction. After the return of my ring, I decided I wanted a necklace and earrings to match. I contacted Lemar to discuss options and he was instrumental throughout this entire process. He was open to my ideas and communicated frequently throughout the design process.

The process was enjoyable and fun and of course the result was my new necklace and earrings to match my ring. The final products were beyond my expectations and several years later I continue to be satisfied. I feel that at any point if I had questions, issues, or problems, I could reach out to Lemar, and he would do anything in his power to ensure my satisfaction.

Patti C.

I can’t express how fortunate I am to know Lemar Scott, The Engagement Guide! 
Anyone can tell you a ring looks pretty, but who can tell you if it’s the right ring? Lemar does more than look at a ring and tell you the specs. In my case, I knew what she wanted wasn’t typical so I was left feeling very uncertain. That quickly went away.

Lemar has a true gift for listening and providing incredible insight. Lemar educated me not only on jewelry as a whole, but intricate details of pearls that the jeweler had “never heard before”. The man knows his stuff.
Trust him. He will ask you the questions lead you to make the best decision, confidently.

Brian H.

  • Accredited Jewelry Professional, GIA
  • Certified Pearl Specialist, CPAA
  • Resident Gemstone & Style Expert to 120M+
  • Firsthand lapidary experience in India
  • 7+ year history with LVMH Group 
  • Successful record of coaching 100+ international brand ambassadors

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